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By Matthew Cooper|September 20th, 2012|Atiba News|no comments

Social Media Strategist Dave Delaney Featured In Issue #1 as Atiba and Cabedge Partner To Launch Collaborative Online Publication

On Saturday, 9/15/12, Cabedge Design, LLC, a Web-centric design and alignment marketing firm and an Atiba Company, launched a new digital publication called #Nashtag (  Nashville creative, entrepreneurial and technology leaders can find common ground within the pages of #Nashtag as it focuses on engaging the Middle Tennessee business community in a monthly online magazine format. #Nashtag issues will be published on either the 6th or 15th of every month in honor of the 615 area code.


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Don’t Be Too Cool For School: AU Starts This Fall

By Matthew Cooper|August 23rd, 2012|Atiba News|no comments

Atiba and Cabedge Bring Atiba University to E|SPACES – School Begins This Fall!

Atiba Software, LLC announced a partnership with E| SPACES to create Atiba University, a collaborative educational engagement series with the local business community in Middle Tennessee – primarily the Nashville and Franklin areas. The primary goal of Atiba University is to gather together business professionals who are interested in learning more about various growing and relevant areas of technology, and discuss the latest informational and educational topics in their respective fields. Fall 2012 topics will include: Hosting in the Cloud, Brand Experience (Bx), Social Media’s Dual Role and the Website Usability Factor (IA and UX).


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Paid Social Media Campaigns: The Rest Of The Story

By Matthew Cooper|May 22nd, 2012|Social Media|no comments

Let’s take a real look at whether or not Twitter promoted ad campaigns can help your business.

In a tribute to Paul Harvey, I wanted to take a look at something that has probably been popping out at many social media users these days – paid / targeted social media ad campaigns. You know, the ones you see when you log into Twitter on the traditional web-based app and you think – “hmmmm, I know I’m not really following @walgreens or @mcdonalds, but they seem to be showing up in my list of recent posts as a follower…with one slight difference. The word “promoted” with an arrow icon shows up.


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