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Get Essential Tennessee Election Information With The GoVoteTN Mobile App

By JJ Rosen|March 27th, 2018|Mobile Apps|no comments

If you live in Nashville or Davidson County in Tennessee, you are probably aware of the transit proposal that is coming up for a referendum vote on May 1, 2018. That date is coming up fast and if you’re new to the area or recently moved within the county and you’re unsure of your voting location now is the time to find out. The easiest way to find voter information anywhere in Tennessee is through the GoVoteTN app. How do we know? We built it.

For this custom mobile app software development project we worked with the Office of the Secretary of State to design and build the app to their exacting specifications. The smartphone app pulls information from an external web-based API provided by the State of Tennessee to give voters instant access to personalized polling data including location and hours, sample ballots, candidate information, and other useful voting information. And information is power, especially when it comes to voting.

Read more about the GoVoteTN mobile app developed by Abita.

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Is Your Business Ready For A Mobile App?

By JJ Rosen|March 23rd, 2018|Custom Software, Mobile Apps|no comments

Unless your business started with an app being part of your strategy for customer engagement and interaction, there may come a time when you start to wonder if it is time to develop an app. When is the right time to add a mobile app to your offerings?

Abstract futureFirst, consider why you might think you don’t need an app. A lot of business leaders think that a responsive mobile website is an adequate substitute for an app, and most businesses already have a mobile website in place. An app isn’t a substitute for a mobile website, it is a compliment to one. You can use your mobile website to encourage your customers and users to download the app. This lets you engage them on another mobile platform.

The differences between an app and a mobile website are notable. An app has personalization features that can’t be duplicated on a website. Customer engagement becomes much more of a one-to-one experience, like sending personalized notifications and product recommendations. The personal experience can be further enhanced by features like geolocation and push notifications. An example is personalized recommendations based on a user’s current location that you just can’t do as effectively with a mobile site.

You can also open new revenue generating opportunities with a mobile app. In-app advertising is one example. Another is paid upgrades and features. Consider how free game apps bring in revenue by interrupting your experience with ads then charging a small premium charge for the ad-free version.

In the end different businesses have different needs. But if you haven’t considered an app for your business in the past, it might be time to visit the idea.



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Atiba Nashville’s ServiceNow Partner

By JJ Rosen|September 15th, 2016|Atiba News, Programming|no comments

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is a platform that is quickly growing to become the leading service management solution for enterprises to manage their entire business around.

With roots in IT, the ServiceNow service management solutions address all the service domains of modern enterprises including human resources, facilities, and finance. IT started it for themselves, then went on to prove it is possible to apply service management to use cases outside of IT.  And by doing so, successfully deliver a modern service experience.

For more info on ServiceNow and Atiba’s expertise contact us today!

Based in Nashville, Atiba provides a full suite of IT consulting and software development resources to organizations of all types and sizes throughout the world.


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Solving the Nashville software developer shortage

By JJ Rosen|November 17th, 2015|Atiba News, Programming, Social Media, Web Design|no comments

Calling all fellow Nashville web developers, mobile developers and DBA types.  Looking for new ideas on how to bring more techies to Nashville.

Email your ideas to !



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