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The following is a list of featured custom web software projects our Nashville programmers have completed recently. Give us a call for more references or view our visual custom software case studies.

EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) – .Net based Content Management System

.Net (C#/ASP.Net) / XML / C# / ReactJS / SQL Server

.Net / SQL Server based CMS that allows healthcare content to be syndicated to hospital websites.


Web Based Investment Portfolio

C# / MVC / C++ / COM / Java / JSON / HTML5/ SQL Server

Web based software developed for public financial research company that is syndicated to large financial websites throughout the U.S.


Patient Complaint Tracking System

ASP.Net / JSON / SQL Server

Web based software developed for Vanderbilt Hospital to track patient complaints.


Web based MSDS Management System

VB.Net / ASP.NET / SQL Server

Allows companies to track MSDS information and reporting


Conference Seminar Scheduling System

C#/ MSDE backend

Software developed for McNeely, Piggot & Fox and Job Corps to place conference attendees in workshops based on attendee preferences, room sizes, and times


Conversion Management System


Developed backend code and user interface to manage the conversion of XML documents into SQL Server database.


Web-based testing system for Help4Life

ColdFusion / Angular/ SQL Server

Developed and support a web-based application that automates patient testing for pediatricians, psychiatrists, and schools.


NT Job Scheduler

XML/ C++ / Com+ / ActiveX

NT Service and GUI that allows batch jobs to be scheduled and monitored. / Web Based Clinical Trials Application

ASP / Visual Basic/ SSIS / SQL Server

Browser-based secure application designed to facilitate clinical trials.


Help4Life Web Based Application

ColdFusion / ASP.Net / SQL Server / AJAX / JavaScript / Windows Cryptography API

An Internet-based assessment tool that helps physicians diagnose and monitor their patients with behavioral health disorders Exchange/Outlook Development


Developed address book for Outlook Web Access.


ASP Session Manager

Visual Basic / Visual C++ / MS Transaction Server / COM+

Manages ASP sessions on multiple server / load-balance setups.


Swan Ball Electronic Auction Board

Microsoft Access

Developed for the Swan Ball to display auction information during a live event.


GaylordDigital Sales Management System

Microsoft Access

Developed Access 2000 based sales tracking software. Includes commission, projections, and actual sales reports, along with invoice generation.


Child Support Management System

Java/ Postgres

Developed case management system used by over 1000 users in child support collection offices throughout the entire state. Coded entire system including conversion code from existing databases. Completed installation and onsite training and provide 24×7 technical support. Allows users to track cases, generate legal documents, and calculate arrearages.


Word Entertainment Product Database

Access / SQL Server

Product database that includes both MS Access and Intranet based front end. Serves as a central database of Word’s products. Allows users to search for product information, generate catalogs, and manage artist contact information.


National Gang Database

SQL Server / .Net / C# / Javascript

Intranet / browser based database of gangs used by law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S.


NT / Exchange User Maintenance App

Outlook / CDO / ASP / SQL Server 7.0 / Visual Basic 6.0 / Visual C++ / MS Transaction Server / ADSI and DAPI / Win32 API

Microsoft Outlook based application that allows end users to create NT 4.0 and Microsoft Exchange accounts. Users fill out validated form which is routed to various corp. departments for approval.


C.N.A. Database Conversion

C# / Btrieve

Onsite coding for database conversion of over 2 million records to new Btrieve based system.


Booking Agency Management System

MS Access

Custom software to provide scheduling, booking, billing, and office management for booking agency.


Email Directory Synchronization


Developed custom email “dirsync” program to audit different email systems within same company and track directory synchronization errors.


Knowledege Base Reporter

Java/ MySQL

Custom report generation software that analyzes data for tracking hospital usage.


Vanderbilt University Event Management System

Access / SQL Server

Client/Server application that manages university events.

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