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A Day In The Life Of A Nashville Programmer

By JJ Rosen|March 11th, 2013|Programming|no comments

We decided it may be kind of fun for our web developing and programming group to keep a journal for a day.   We figured this would be a good excersize for our crew to help us know where to fine tune how we spend our time as well as just be interesting to share with one another.   Welcome to our Nashville Programmer journal…

Some highlights below….

“Woke up, spent the morning finishing Python coding for  Sorta neat as been working day and night on this so it is cool to see it close to launch!”

“Good day today,  been deep into Agile with our crew of coders working onsite downtown.   Been good to learn more on Agile.”

“Well..a bit of a long day.  Traveled to Geneva!  iPad made plane trip easier.   Spent a bit of time reading on some tricks on optimizing SQL, and OLAP and  then watched a movie.   Coding here in Geneva this next 10 days for   Very cool!”

“I got to do some old school classic ASP today 🙁   Was not fun but someone had to do it – and client is a nice guy, felt good to help.”

“Been on a neat .Net project / C# the past 3 weeks.  Inherited the code from another coder that had bailed on this client.    Code was ok, but lots of small issues so been fixing / tweaking etc”

“Cool new Drupal ecommerce site”

“Working on a mobile app (iPhone and iPad) for   I like this project as has a coolness factor and also clients are super smart folks and fun  to work with.”

“Coding web service in Python for a bank.”

“Started working on a program that manages the Amazon Cloud (EC2).   On a team of 3 at clients offices.”

“Programming on the new Nashville Convention Center website.   Nice folks to work for. ”

“Nashville web designer  guru Matthew Rogers gave me some good tips on UI design for mobile app.”


more to come…

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Nashville Programmers Talk Behind The Scenes of a Tech Start-Up

By Matthew Cooper|February 25th, 2013|Programming|no comments

I got the chance to listen to two highly respected Nashville Programmers, JJ Rosen and Chip Gallent (although he won’t admit he’s a programmer), talk about what to watch for in building a successful tech start-up company.


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