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Tech and the Holidays..

By JJ Rosen|December 25th, 2019|Atiba News|no comments

Happy (digital) holidays from the Jones Family! 

That was the subject line of an email I received the other day.   

Our friends the Jones’s had sent their annual holiday card via email.  Just the like the paper versions we had received in years past, their “card” contained a few pictures of their kids and dogs as well as a brief re-cap of all the cool things they did over the past year.   

How cool I thought.   For thrifty people (cheapskates) like myself not wanting shell out the cash for the printing and postage of a traditional holiday card the Jones’s approach seemed like a great idea.   “We should do this too!” I thought.  I was all in. 

Sadly though, the rest of my family was not. 

When I presented the idea to my wife, she immediately vetoed it.   Flinging words like “etiquette” and “laziness,” she ended the debate by asking me: “What’s next?   Are you going to start sending thank-you-notes over email too?” 

Hmmm.  That’s not a bad idea either I thought.   After all, it’s much more efficient to send an email than a physical card through the mail.   With the same exact content as paper mail, an email arrives thousands of times faster, has no cost, is environmentally friendly, and can be sent to hundreds of your closest friends with a single click.  Why not? 

When you think about it, email has replaced postal mail (“snail-mail”) for nearly every other form of communication.  Letters, bills, legal documents, and even junk mail have made the jump to digital.    

But for some reason, there are still some types of communication that have remained old-school.  Holiday cards, wedding invitations, postcards, thankyou notes— sending these in email is at best frowned-upon.     

Why is this? 

Most people see it as an expression of effort.    

Sending snail-mail is harder than sending email and thus enjoys an elevated status in the eyes of the recipient.  It allows the receiver to put something on their mantel or in their keep-sake drawer to look back on later. With a 50 percent drop over the past decade in the amount of first-class mail that is sent through the U.S. Postal Service, I concede, receiving a personal note on paper can be considered special when compared to receiving the same note via email.    

But, as we have seen with all forms of communication, the momentum of technology cannot be stopped.  Old rotary phones took more effort than modern dial-tone phones but most of us are happy to get a phone call from a friend regardless.  

I admit, I am in the minority on this 

Die-hard holiday card senders (like my wife) will make the argument that some things are sacred.   Older technologies like vinyl records, books, and printed family albums keep us connected to a simpler, less techo-geek driven time.  They will say that a written letter or nicely printed card is a form of art that should be kept alive in the name of tradition 

At the risk of sounding like a nerdy-holiday-socially-challenged-scrooge, I would argue that the content of a message matters more than the delivery mechanism— it’s the thought that counts. 

So, while our friends and family will be receiving a printed holiday card from us in their mailboxes this year, next year I hope to keep up with the Jones’s and just send out a holiday email.  Happy (digital) holidays! 


JJ Rosen is the founder of Atiba.  A Nashville IT consulting and custom software development firm.  Visit or for more info. 


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Atiba Nashville’s ServiceNow Partner

By JJ Rosen|September 15th, 2016|Atiba News, Programming|no comments

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is a platform that is quickly growing to become the leading service management solution for enterprises to manage their entire business around.

With roots in IT, the ServiceNow service management solutions address all the service domains of modern enterprises including human resources, facilities, and finance. IT started it for themselves, then went on to prove it is possible to apply service management to use cases outside of IT.  And by doing so, successfully deliver a modern service experience.

For more info on ServiceNow and Atiba’s expertise contact us today!

Based in Nashville, Atiba provides a full suite of IT consulting and software development resources to organizations of all types and sizes throughout the world.


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Solving the Nashville software developer shortage

By JJ Rosen|November 17th, 2015|Atiba News, Programming, Social Media, Web Design|no comments

Calling all fellow Nashville web developers, mobile developers and DBA types.  Looking for new ideas on how to bring more techies to Nashville.

Email your ideas to !



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Can you trust the cloud with your data? Key questions to ask yourself and your IT vendor

By Matthew Cooper|May 6th, 2014|Atiba News, Cloud, Programming|no comments


Question:  Is the cloud safe?  Since the term “Cloud Computing” was coined 15 years ago that’s the question we are asked most frequently.

Answer:  Given our imperfect world, safety is a relative concept, so we manage risk.

An alarming number of companies have only one copy of their data, leaving them a tornado, flood or fire away from complete loss. I’ve seen backup operators store “offsite” tapes in the trunk of their car!  Safety is relative.  Is the Cloud more safe than your trunk or the office’s storage room?  Most likely.

Cloud services offer tremendous opportunities for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses to access high-performance software and infrastructure at budget-friendly costs. And fees are shrinking, making this option even more appealing.

Of course, due diligence is an important step in answering our question. Below are ten questions to ask of yourself and cloud vendors before you store data in the cloud:

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I know my data? Meaning, what types of data does my company create?
  2. Do I know who has access to my data now?
  3. Do I know my plan for dealing with data loss or breech?
  4. Do I know if I can keep a local copy of my data synced with what’s in the Cloud?

Questions for your vendor:

  1. Do I know the cloud vendor’s policy for dealing with data loss or breech?
  2. Do I know if and how my vendor encrypts data?
  3. Do I know where a vendor stores data?
  4. Do I know how a vendor controls internal access to data?
  5. Do I know what happens to my data if my vendor goes out of business?
  6. Do I know what my vendor does with my data if I stop using them?


Vendors should be able to answer these questions.  If they can’t, mark them off the list.

Knowing your own data and risk levels along with the policies and risks of a vendor will let you match your risk profile to the right service.  If you have further questions about the Cloud and need help answering these questions, please contact us at (615) 353-1921 ext 200. We are “half geek. half human” and can translate your business needs into engaging solutions.


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